2022 Sea Otter Bike Expo (Part 2)

We’re back with part 2 of our coverage of the 2022 Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental. Let’s get right back to the parade of cool bike schwag.

Our friends from Corvus Cycles made the trip down the coast to Sea Otter to show their wares. I got to ride the new Ti Magnus for the first time. Mi amigo, and bike mechanic to the stars, Jeff Gilmore has been sending me titillating notes about his new Magnus. Corvus had a few steel prototypes made in the development of the new Magnus and the details are dialed on the finished product. Corvus also had their Ti dropbar adventure bike in the booth (seen behind the Magnus).

The Magnus is the first Corvus fat bike built specifically around 27.5 fat bike wheels and is made for folks that want to put in long rides. One of our amigos rode a Magnus in the ITI this winter so you can look forward to a much deeper dive into this and a series of other Titanium fat bikes coming soon.

Corvus also introduced the very first look at their Skookum AF. The AF, in this case, could stand for Aluminum Frame. Skookums in the past were only offered in Carbon Fiber.

Corvus also had a demo fleet of their solid Rhino fat bikes at the booth with the new graphics package that includes this new Corvus Headbadge. You can see all of the new Corvus lines at –

Onyx Racing was at the show with their well-documented stealth (no buzz) hubs. The hubs in the photo above are specifically designed to work with Berd Spokes. I’m coming up on a full year of riding a set of wheels with these hubs. Check those wheels out at –

Plenty of MTB History at SOC – Shawn Palmer’s DH Rig

Ride Concepts has expanded upon its line of cycling footwear. Check them out at

TRP has a new one-by-twelve drive train that’s compatible with Sram, Shimano, and E-Thirteen’s twelve-speed offerings. TRP also had a ton of hydro brakes in their booth. They forgot to bring their mechanical disc brakes to the show. I guess they don’t read my brake confessions. You can see all of their offerings at –

Sea Otter is usually good for a few bike-celebrity sightings. Here’s Chris Chance chatting bikes in the warm California sunshine.

Fezzari Bicycles had their Kings Peak carbon fat bike in their booth. I didn’t get to ride the KP at the show but we hope to get one in for field testing this summer.

The Kings Peak frame is molded in one piece which allows for a very tunable layup of material. I can’t wait to throw a leg over this bike. For more information about Fezzari visit –

Tom Ritchey made his first bike fifty years ago and the Ritchey booth at SOC was a tribute to the long history of Tom’s vision. Happy 50th Anniversary! Ritchey still manufactures bicycles that get my motor running and they offer an incredible list of components to fit almost any budget. Check it all out at –

Tasco offers new glove designs throughout the year in small batches and they’ve got more than gloves and socks. We’ll be testing some of their Phantom summer-weight gloves and hopefully, get out hands on some of their trail shorts and jerseys. Check out their full line at TASCO MTB

Ergon is another company that just has so much bicycle goodness in their booth, that it’s hard to decide what to share. The CF Allroad Carbon leaf-spring seat post has me rethinking my plan to try a dropper on my Cutthroat and Ergon Grips in colors! Those purple GA-3’s would look damn fly on Otis (my Man!) The newest generation of ergon saddles also deserves a mention. Check it all out at ERGON

Thomson has ruled the stem and post roost for twenty-five or thirty years and during the pandemic, they released a couple of Ti bikes that are just gorgeous. If they made a fat bike, we’d be the first in line to order one. Hat’s off to the king of Bars, Stems, posts, and now bou(Ti)que hardtails! More here –

I’ve been a customer of Lake winter cycling boots since way back in the last century when they were called Lake Sport. I may be biased, because they have my last name on them, but I think these boots rule! Look at more from Lake at LAKE

Orucase makes some really nice-looking bags for the bike and they’re also working on a new innovative bicycle travel case. check out their full story at –

E-Bikes were in abundance at Sea Otter. The Magnum Bicycle booth was full of fat bikes that look like hell on two-wheels!

The Quietkat booth had one of their two types of fat cargo trailers tucked away in their booth. These things are e-bike behemoths, ready to haul you and your gear into the wild and cart out a quartered moose. Hunting from the seat of a fat bike has always made a lot of sense to me. I may need to give it a try if food prices keep going up! Check out the trailers from Quietkat.

That’s what we’ve got for part 2 of our coverage of the 2022 Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental. Tune in tomorrow for Part 3! They say that the third time is a charm so be ready for anything!

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2 Responses to 2022 Sea Otter Bike Expo (Part 2)

  1. Janson April 13, 2022 at 2:43 pm #

    Is there an ETA on the Skookum_AF?

  2. Mark Peterson April 14, 2022 at 1:15 pm #

    Another great write up Gomez. Thank you again for boots on the ground at the Sea Otter Classic. I was, as always, hoping the there would be more Fat Bicycling products but some is better than none I suppose.

    Cheers \m/,