Product Spotlight – Framed Mini-Sota – By Andy Amstutz


Careful what you wish for, right?  I’ve been wanting to get my kids on fat bikes for years.  We’ve shopped, priced and measured but simply never have pulled the trigger on one.  So who comes to the rescue for a testing session……?  Uncle Gomez of course.  


Just when you think winter is done (with 50 degree temps in Feburary), good ol’ mother nature slams us with another winter storm.  And the next day, Mr. UPS drops of a pair of Framed Mini-Sotas.  And that’s exactly what the two kids in my house will be riding and providing me feedback with for the next 4-6 weeks.  Below you’ll find all the nitty-gritty ‘bout these fatties.



My partner in crime, KBS, helped me take them out of the box and build them up.  First impressions…solid build with some kid friendly specs.  More on that in a later read.    



Both Mini-Sotas are of the 24in wheel size ilk.  Framed only makes kid’s fatties in this size which might make some kiddos waiting a bit until they are tall enough (check stand over height in the specs above) but my two are there.  They are pretty stoked to slog some testing time on these fat rigs but I think I’m more excited than they are.  Especially when the price point doesn’t break the bank at $649.95.  I’ll be checking into the swap-a-bility of the 24in fat wheels with 26in skinny tires.  If that can happen, that’s two bikes in one.  Cha-ching!


We should be able to hit some spring snow as well as some shoulder season trails to get the full effect of kid-a-bility fatness.  They happen to be out right now, touring the town and looking like the coolest kids, this side of Lake Michigan has ever seen.  


So stay tuned to your world wide leader in Fat Bike goodness at for the results of fat bikes for minors made by the peeps over at Framed Bikes.  


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