• Wallpaper Wednesday – Golf Course Bombing

        Antoine contributed this weeks Wallpaper Wednesday image from a Monday Night (Golf Course Bombing) Fat Commute - The ghosts of dead golfers chased him home! This week’s wallpaper is ...

Weekly Dose of Fat 4-11-14

Well, the big news this week was the announcement of the RockShox Bluto along with arrival of several bikes designed to be used with front suspension. We’ll have a first hand look at it REALLY soon. In other front suspension news I (Sven) have one of the Snozocchi forks from Brad at Eriksen due to […]

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NEW! ♦ Borealis + Bluto = Echo! ♦ NEW!

We all knew Rock Shox was coming out with a front boinger, but what we didn’t know was that our Amigos at Borealis have been working with them on the development of their Senator Blutarski (Bluto) fat-suspension fork. I bet just about everybody will have something to say about Bluto. Today we get to talk […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Fatboy in the Snow

  We haven’t seen many Specialized Fatboys out in the wild yet so we were glad that Steve “Ashcan” Ashley sent in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday contribution. He says “This picture was taken at Island Lake State recreation area in Brighton, Michigan along the Huron River. Thanks to all the snowmobiles for keeping the trails […]

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First Look – Vee Tire Traxx Fatty 29+ Tire

To some of us this may be the most exciting tire offering in a while. Finally, there is more than one choice for the 29+ crowd with the introduction of the Vee Tire Co. Traxx Fatty 29×3.0 tire! The Traxx Fatty is built around a 120tpi carcass and is Tubeless ready. You can see from […]

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HED’s Big Deal Carbon Rim Review

By : Jesse LaLonde I don’t recall a time in my life when the weather was ever an issue. In fact I tend to welcome the extreme with hungry lungs and an open mind. I’ll be the first to admit that this mentality can lead to a sink or swim situation but that’s the type […]

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Weekly Dose of Fat – 4-4-14

  Greetings fat-bike friends! The weather has been getting a bit warmer around these parts which means the snow is just about gone but the beaches are prime right now so we’ve been hitting them up regularly and getting in testing on a bunch of new stuff that you’ll hear more about over the next […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Patapsco River

Steven from Elkridge, Maryland took this shot is from high on a ridge overlooking the Patapsco River and the B&O railroad tracks. “We have been blessed with a great winter for snow riding”, Steven told us. Download the appropriate size and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the link below to open […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Knik Glacier

I had the pleasure of meeting Randy Armstrong at the Frosty Bottom awards ceremony when I visited Anchorage in January. Randy is also a past winner of our photo contest from a couple of years back! He sent me a video that he put together about a ride that he’s been dreaming about. This is what […]

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First Look – Ventana’s El Gordo

From the moment that I laid eyes on Ventana’s new El Gordo fat bike, I knew that we had to find a way to test one of them. I first discovered Ventana way back in the 90′s when a friend of mine lived out in Sacramento, CA. I stumbled into a local bike shop and […]

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Chasing Winter – Part 2

….Continued from Part 1 A Fatbike Tale By : Eyk Deutschmann The night was long and cold in soaking wet blankets while the temperature dropped furthermore to 18°C below zero inside the tent. The following morning our two dear fellows were woken up by some startling orange light, a glowin´ fireball rising above horizon inflaming the […]

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Foto Gordo ♦ Bikini Beach

Last Sunday the Bike Black Ribbon Society hosted a Bikini Beach Ride & Waxing Clinic up in Port Washington that turned into fun, times the power of grey skull! This is mi amigo nuevo, Dave, riding his Fatback over an ice bridge along the shores of Lago de Michoacan. We had a couple of hours […]

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Weekly Dose of Fat – 3/28/14

We can’t believe that March is coming to a close next week! This has been a winter season to remember! This weekend is the White Mountains 100. The one and only, Tupps Becker, will be sending us a race report, direct from the Alaskan Wilderness! Next week we continue Sven’s NAHBS reports and share a […]

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Seen at NAHBS – Ellis Fillet Brazed Fat-bike

Dave Wages from Ellis Cycles has won several awards at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in the past racking up such show stoppers as “Best Lugged Bike”, “Best Road Bike”, “Best Steel Frame” and, in 2010, “Best in Show”! Quite an accomplishment! So, how do you add to that elite list of awards? With […]

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