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PDW Kickstarter for the Fat Stevens Pump

This is what Eric Parsons from Revelate Designs said about the new PDW Fat Stevens on Facebook today. Our Friends at PDW are kickstarting their new massive fatbike pump. Check it out. Finally a practical fat bike accessory that will encourage riders to air down / air up for changing conditions instead of slogging it […]

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Trail Pump Shootout

Welcome to our very first shootout. A few years back, Sven put together a Fat-Bike 101 series and one of the articles dealt with pumps. Here’s a link – fat-bike-101-pumps. So here we are 2 years later and the Lezyne and Topeak, that were featured in the 101 article, are the two pumps that most of […]

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Barfly Bags – Banana Hammock

By Michael McColgan   I’m a big fan of the Jones Loop bar, there’s one on my Krampus and my Pugsley.  And whenever I’m fortunate enough to abuse, I mean test, a new fatty I end up putting on that bike too, since I’d rather focus on the bike and not be distracted by “normal” […]

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First Look – Switchback Bike Bags

  In the echo of the fat-bike market exploding, there’s been an after-shock of small bag makers that have taken to their sewing machines to outfit the thousands of new bikes that have entered the market over the past couple of seasons. Even if you’ll never plan to take your bike on an overnight bike-packing trip, frame bags […]

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Apidura bike bags – Review

Bike-packing is growing in popularity and the bike bag market is exploding. There are loads of brands to choose from and many of them are custom-fit so they can work on all kinds of bikes. The last few months, I’ve had the pleasure to test a few bags from UK bike/packing suppliers Apidura. I received […]

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new and old salsa anything cage

Salsa Anything Cage New vs. Old

ad   The folks up at Salsa sent Sven one of their new fangled plastic Anything Cages, but he doesn’t own a fork with braze-ons to accept cargo cages, so it fell to me. Come to think of it, Sven is testing one of those sassy Salsa Blackborrow’s that has the appropriately ventilated fork made […]

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wanderlust monida2

Wanderlust Monida Insulated Bag

  I’ve been lucky enough to test some of the best bike bags made, over the last few years, but this is the first time that I’ve laid my grubby paws onto a bag made by Wanderlust. About six weeks ago, Paul fom Wanderlust sent us one of their Monida Insulated Bags, for testing, just in time for […]

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beaver-guard- 438

Beaver Guard Fatbike Mudguards

Beaver Guard Fatbike Mudguards are simple shapable, flexible mudguards that come in versions for Blutos as well as a Rigid forks. They are enduro-style and offer protection behind the fork and, as owner Christian LaLonde says: They help to stop mud, muck, water and snow from hitting your suspension’s stanchions & helps to give a […]

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30 Days with a CHUMBA Ursa

  By : Spinner Ryerson Chumba USA Ursa Backcountry –  The Frame.  I like the simple unobtrusive paint job and simple, solid logo.  There are a few neat little details that are built into the frame but overall it looks just like it is, a solid built frame without a bunch of wild graphics or some […]

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Product Spotlight: Bar Mitts Extreme Pogies

 By Matt Gersib and Michael McColgan With winter weather descending on much of the country, it’s a great time to discuss options for keeping hands warm. Experienced cold weather cyclists often fall into one of two camps — thick gloves, or insulated bar coverings called ‘pogies’. While pogies including the original Bar Mitts have been […]

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Salsa Introduces Anything Cage HD

Salsa’s Anything Cage HD is an evolution of the original Anything Cage bolt-on gear carrier. The new Anything Cage HD features a new design and is manufactured from injection-molded impact resistant nylon rather than the original’s aluminum. Like it predecessor, the original Anything Cage, it mounts via Salsa’s Three-Pack boss pattern, found on many fat-bike […]

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Turnagain Releases Extended Temperature Range Seal Kit for the RockShox Bluto

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO— Turnagain Fat Bike Components, a subsidiary of The Fat Bike Company, is launching its new Extended Temperature Range – ETR Seal Kit designed for the RockShox Bluto fat-bike fork. After extensive testing and months of real­‐world riding, Turnagain Components is thrilled to announce they will begin shipping these aftermarket kits right away […]

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SQUIRT! – a Better Beach Lube

If you ever want to spark a lively conversation among cyclists, just ask them what lube they prefer and then be sure to add “for you bike chain”. It must be hard to be a bike lube salesman, because folks tend to be pretty damn loyal, when it comes to what they slather on their chain. […]

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paul components stem cap light mount 1

Product Spotlight – Paul Components Light Mounts

Our amigo Paul, the owner of Paul Components, makes a couple of different light – camera – or accessory mounts that I’ve been experimenting with over the past few weeks. The first version that we’d like to share is the Stem Cap Mount. The instructions are pretty simple – just like uncle gomez Successfully Installed A […]

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First Look – Bordo Big 120 Folding Lock

Abus, the German maker of high-quality bike locks, is pretty well known among my messenger buddies and commuter friends. How about an Abus lock specifically for fatbikes? Well, not really but the nickname “Fat Bordo” certainly fits this longer than normal Abus lock that is really called the Bordo Big and the extra length (120cm) […]

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Fat-Bike Travel Case

A few of you have asked us about travel cases for your fatties. This makes perfect sense, because people take bike or ski trips all the time, so why not take a fat-bike trip to an incredible world class destinations like Anchorage? Well that’s where I happened across the only existing solution to putting your […]

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krampus ops

Frostbike 2014

Every February Quality Bicycle Products invites dealers and media representatives up to their Bloomington, Minnesota, world headquarters for Seminars, Social Activities and an Expo. For those of you, that are unfamiliar, Quality (QBP) is the parent company of brands like Surly and 45NRTH (among many others). Frostbike is not open to the general public, so […]

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Otis Got a Brand New Bag

The day that I unpacked our Fatback 190, that we eventually named Otis, I made a template to guide Michigander, Jason Snell, in crafting one of his custom sailcloth Barking Bear Bagworks frame bags. I like to keep a frame bag on my fat-bike to store ride essentials or the ubiquitous puffy jacket. A frame bag […]

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Boombotix Bike Mount 2.0

You may have noticed that we are fond of Boombotix Bluetooth speakers for certain kinds of rides and, in the past, we’ve simply clipped the speaker to our backpack strap but Boombotix figured we need another way to enjoy tunes on the bike so we present the Boombotix Handlebar Mount 2.0. There isn’t much in […]

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Platypus Bite Valve and Drink Tube Insulator Kit

Temps are dropping – here’s a review that’s been rattling around our files since last spring, just waiting for the gales of November!   Along with recently testing Platypus Hydrations’s new Duthie 12 hydration pack, I also got my hands on their Bite Valve and Drink Tube Insulator.  As anyone that rides with a hydration […]

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Fat Tunes – Boombotix Review

A couple of years ago, I spied, ace mechanic, and all around cool cat, James T. Huber, wearing some sort of cartoon alien with a speaker for an eyeball that we all probably now recognize as a Boombotix ultra portable speaker. After I heard the sound that came out of the boombotix, I ordered a Boombot […]

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New Pogies and Gaiters from 45NRTH

David Gabrys from 45NRTH shared two new products with us that are both tailor made for fat-bikers. The new Bergraven Technical Gaiters and Cobrafist Pogies are everything that we’ve come to expect, from 45NRTH. That means the very best, high tech materials are utilized coupled with well thought out and innovative design. We believe that […]

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test pilot gear review

Platypus Duthie AM 12 Hydration Pack

Platypus has recently revamped their hydration pack lineup, which now includes five packs (3 classified as XC and 2 classified as AM).  The Duthie AM 12 is the second largest pack that Platypus makes (the 12 designation an indicator of its total volume – 12 liters).  It has a bladder capacity of 3 liters and […]

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First Look ♦ Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

I remember the first time I rode a ‘broken in’ Brooks saddle. I had borrowed Jerry Wolf’s custom Edge Cycles steel 29r single speed to ride the Book Cliffs and in addition to the sweet riding that Fruita offers, I was treated to the ‘hammock’ feel that Brooks riders, know and love. As soon as […]

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may 2013 090

New Product Spotlight ♦ Growler Cage

As soon as I saw the Growler Cage, I thought of our test pilot, Colin. He works all day brewing delicious craft brewed beer for Lakefront Brewing in Milwaukee (The Beer City) and rides his Gravedigger Pugs from ‘where his crib be’ in River West, along the Milwaukee River, on the newly gentrified “river-trails” – back and forth, commuting on […]

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product review leaf

45NRTH Dillinger Review

By: Chris Zito    The puppeteers at Black Ribbon HQ, delivered a set of 45NRTH Dillingers to me just in time for one of the bigger dumps of the snowy season. In the past I have mostly ridden Endomorphs, well, since the time when they were THE option and gum-walled. Up until recently when I […]

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gear review

Trash Bags Face Mask ~ Review

Written and Photographed by : Colin Ford – Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot – Former Undisputed Bantam-Weight Pugsley World Champion   So earlier this winter, some time during January, I ordered a custom Trash Bags Facemask.  It’s made from Polartec Windblock fabric and Cordura, with a awesome fuzzy furry inside. Made for Couriers (by couriers) in the Frozen Northland of MPLS the facemask can be […]

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Sled-X v1.11

Sled-Hed v 1.0 – aka – the widow maker I read a parable on the surly blog the other day about a rope and pvc-pipe fat-bike sled that inspired me to build Sled-Hed v1.0. Noah had his arc and I….well I have a kid’s psychedelic plastic sled that I bought at the local hardware…. which (in […]

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Custom Fat-bike Rim Vinyl

We’ve been messing about with custom-cut Vinyl from our buddy Corey to enhance fat-bike rims and personalize your ride. This Pugsley was built to showcase the rims and so we could get some good photos of the concept and to test the durability. More on the long-term prospects down the road. This is still largely […]

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White Lightning Easy Clean Tire Brush

Around these parts we ride fat-bikes on the beach a lot and cleaning up the rig after a ride is a chore made easier by the White Lightning Easy Clean Tire Brush. Easily adjustable to fit even the biggest fat tires like the Big Fat Larry on a Rolling Darryl rim shown below, I’ve found […]

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