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NEW! ♦ Borealis + Bluto = Echo! ♦ NEW!

We all knew Rock Shox was coming out with a front boinger, but what we didn’t know was that our Amigos at Borealis have been working with them on the development of their Senator Blutarski (Bluto) fat-suspension fork. I bet just about everybody will have something to say about Bluto. Today we get to talk […]

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First Look – Ventana’s El Gordo

From the moment that I laid eyes on Ventana’s new El Gordo fat bike, I knew that we had to find a way to test one of them. I first discovered Ventana way back in the 90′s when a friend of mine lived out in Sacramento, CA. I stumbled into a local bike shop and […]

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Seen at NAHBS – Ellis Fillet Brazed Fat-bike

Dave Wages from Ellis Cycles has won several awards at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in the past racking up such show stoppers as “Best Lugged Bike”, “Best Road Bike”, “Best Steel Frame” and, in 2010, “Best in Show”! Quite an accomplishment! So, how do you add to that elite list of awards? With […]

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Chasing Winter – Part 1

A Fatbike Tale By : Eyk Deutschmann Once upon a time two splendid looking young fellows spent their lazy summer eves, hatching the utmost, astonishing plan. And this is their story: Both of the formidable lads had some utterly strange bicycles, which were meant to roll where nothing else, on our sweet little planet, could ever […]

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First Look/Impressions: On-One Fatty

On-One bikes has been around for quite some time and is a UK brand most notable for it’s figurehead, Brant Richards. His notable work for many is the On-One Midge Dirt Drop handlebar (still my favorite that I use on my monstercross bike I designed/had built), the On-One Mary handlebar, and the On-One Fleegle handlebar. However […]

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Press Release – EcoSpeed/Fatback Electric Fat-bike Announced

EcoSpeed Inc, (Portland,OR) industry leader in the manufacture of electric motor assists for bikes and trikes announces collaboration with Fatback Bikes (Anchorage, AK) for a ‘Made in the USA’ mid-drive electric fatbike. EcoSpeed has adapted it’s unique electric motor assist, which drives the crankset, to fit this extra wide bike frame and components. The mid-drive […]

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First Look – Boo Bikes Alubooyah Fatbike

When we first saw the AluBooyah fatbike prototype at Interbike last fall we were intrigued. Initial test rides on the one and only prototype available at the time were encouraging and we put in our request with Boo Bikes owner, Nick Frey, for a review bike. Boo Bikes has made a name for themselves as […]

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The Fat and The Curious

We’ve all met them. We’ve all answered their questions. The big eyed gawkers that stare at you as you ride by on your fat bike. “WOW, LOOK AT THOSE TIRES!” “Where did you get that?” “Is it hard to pedal?” And inevitably, “How much did it cost?” After I answer that question, there’s usually only […]

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NEW! – Fat Mongoose – Spy Shot

One can run across all sorts of small woodland creatures while out roaming the forests in the winter time. Squirrels, rabbits, an occasional gnome, but this past weekend was the first time I’ve seen a Mongoose in the single track. It was fat too, and obviously had little interest in hibernation. Mongoose, maker of “The Beast” […]

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Frostbike 2014

Every February Quality Bicycle Products invites dealers and media representatives up to their Bloomington, Minnesota, world headquarters for Seminars, Social Activities and an Expo. For those of you, that are unfamiliar, Quality (QBP) is the parent company of brands like Surly and 45NRTH (among many others). Frostbike is not open to the general public, so […]

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Rohloff-equipped Schlick Tatanka

This is my newist fat-bike love! A custom Schlick Tatanka with a 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub. I knew from the start that I would not use a belt on this bike or ever run a rim wider than a 65mm in the rear and never use a tire larger than a 3.8 Husker Du so I […]

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Fat-Ti Week! – Quiring Bike Porn

We’ve dubbed this week as Fat dash Bike dot Com – FAT-TI WEEK! Later in the week, Sven’s going to share Kent Eriksen’s entry into the fat-bike market, but first we’d like to share an early adopter’s latest Titanium fat-bike work of art. It’s been almost 2 years since I visited Quiring Cycles at their […]

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Durango Bike Company – Hooey

I first caught a glimpse of the new Hooey fat-bike from the Durango Bike Company when I was looking through photos that Mark Peterson had taken at the Global Fatbike Summit last week and I was intrigued so I reached out to the company through their websites email address. The next morning I was greeted […]

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Alaska Episode Two – 9:Zero:7

My trip to Anchorage probably would have not happened without Bill Fleming’s invitation to come and spend a week, to check out 9:Zero:7′s operation. Bill is one of the founders of 9:Zero:7 and during my trip, I stayed with Bill and his wife Sheryl. They even set me up with one of their gorgeous carbon […]

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Great Lakes Fat Bike Series Champion – Jorden Wakeley’s 616 Race Bike

Jorden Wakeley won the GreatLakes Fat Bike Race Series last year and looks like a favorite to repeat. On his way to the Series Championship, Jorden won the coveted Noquemanon race in Marquette, MI that is the ‘self proclaimed’ World Fat-Bike Championship. In just a few days he’ll defend that ‘World Championship’ on a new steel, Six-1-Six […]

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LaMere Carbon – Chinese Rocket Ship

By : Jesse LaLonde 12.6 lbs ; The weight difference between LaMere’s new carbon fat bike and my current fat rig. A light fat bike; the oxymoron approach to describing the new LaMere fat bike. Minneapolis; the location of LaMere HQ and home to some of the best kept fat bike trails around. Luckily for […]

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New Product Spotlight – Ventana Gordo

We interviewed, Sherwood Gibson, co-founder of Ventana Mountain Bikes USA, last week about their entry into the fat-bike market and el bici gordo, neuevo. I started by complimenting him on the name that they had chosen for their bike. This is not the first Ventana model that carries a latin name, but los bicis gordas […]

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The Final Word on Wo-Fat

Our Third and Final Test Cycle of the 2014 Kona Wo By : Michael McColgan   When the Kona Wo arrived at my doorstep, I was very excited to get her put together and out on the trail, for several  reasons.  The obvious one is it’s a new fatbike to play with and I like […]

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Fatback Corvus Carbon Spy Shots!

The timing of my trip to Anchorage, could not have come at a more opportune time! I attended the Speedway Cycles Tuesday Night Shop Ride on the very day that Greg received their first sample/test frame and we have the first shots to share with all of our readers! I even got to take it […]

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First Look – KHS 3000 4 Season Fat-bike

I stopped by Marty Gauss’s Total Cyclery in Kenosha, WI a couple of days ago, Christmas Eve to be exact, for a bit of personal business. Fortunately, it coincided with the fact that Marty had, the day before, finished assembling a just-delivered KHS 3000 4 Season Fat-bike giving me a chance to look it over […]

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Fatback 190 – Product Test – Episode 1

It seems only appropriate that we publish a story about a boy and his new bike on Christmas Day! Last week we received a shiny new bicycle that has created a feeling of delightful anticipation, around the fat-bike dot com research and development, test track and proving grounds. Inside a rather giant cardboard carton lay, […]

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Farley – Trek’s Fa(s)t Bike

 Written and photographed by Aaron Hautala Winter fat biking came to Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota during the fall of 2011. The first year, a wide cross-country, groomed fat bike trail, 6 miles in length was introduced within the Sagamore Unit. Due to the success of that first year, in the fall of 2012, Cuyuna was able to […]

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The Squatch – Captured & Ridden

Written and Photographed by : Andy Oleson BBR Test Pilot, Angry Andy, shares the results of a one week demo of the new Squatch fatty. Squatch is fat bike company that follows in the tradition of bike shops, that start their own bicycle brand. Squatch is run by Mo & Aaron, down in the western […]

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Kona WO – Mid-Term Testing

We’re about two thirds of the way around the testing of Kona’s first foray into the fat bike genre. I shared a product intro of the Kona back in October. We’ve given two new contributors a crack at testing the WO. Each will spend the better part of a month with the bike. Our report […]

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Achieving Fat-bike Versatility

Please welcome one of our newest Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots, Ken Blakey-Shell. Ken will be testing gear and sharing his adventures and racing from the fat-bike paradise of Northern Michigan and beyond! Written and photographed by :  Ken Blakey-Shell Right now in fatty world, options are one of the biggest “issues” a fat biker […]

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Fat Bling – 44 Bikes – Red Convertible

We published a builder profile of Kris Henry and 44 Bikes last year and have been keeping in touch with Kris, ever since. Kris & 44 Bikes is on my short list of custom builders that I would absolutely love to work with, one day. I take a peek at Kris’ flickr photos from time to […]

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Spied in the Wild – Salsa Beargrease Carbon

I was at the Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series race at Kewaunee recently where they added race classes for fat-bikes to contest the WEMS Fat-bike State Championship with classes for 6-Hour Solo Male and Female and 6-Hour Duo Male and Female and low-and-behold I spotted a Salsa Carbon Beargrease in the wild! A bit of […]

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Travers Bikes – Rudy Fat – New UK Titanium 29+

Mike Travers is the man behind Travers Bikes and he shared some information about his new hand-built Rudy Fat Titanium 29+. Take a look and let us know what you think! Travers Bikes Titanium 29er+ frame the “Rudy Fat” is now available. The new 29er+ standard gives you all the benefits of the Fat 3″ […]

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Vibe – Ti Rex – Titanium 29+ Lefty

Our amigos, from out in Idaho (Dave & Christi), sent us their newest addition to the Vibe Cycles line of custom fat-builds.  This is  Dave’s personal Ti Rex. A hand built titanium 29+! Rock’n silver rabbit holes, a  Lefty fork and custom paint.  This rail-job features a 41″ wheelbase with very compact 16.75″ chainstays and […]

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